Welcome to Keep It Simple Now. You probably came to this website because you or someone you care about has decided changes are desperately needed in order to lead a better life.  Making that realization is profound, but the next step is equally difficult.  “What are the changes I need to make and how do I go about doing it?”  That is what Life Recovery is all about.

There are a countless number of events that can impact a life and knock even the strongest individual into a sense of desperation and hopelessness. Some examples are:

  • Divorce/Ending of a Relationship
  • Clutter/Hoarding
  • Care Giving
  • Illness
  • Death
  • Career
  • Finances

We are all human and there will be times when we will hurt.  That is when we realize just how fragile we are.  And because we are delicate, a person may not cope with a life changing event very well.  Some are paralyzed by an overwhelming feeling of being powerless or victimized. Others enter into a pattern of addiction or some other destructive action.  The frustrating part is when a person recognizes that they are captured by an unforgiving cycle of behavior and do not know how to get out of it.

This is where Patricia comes in.  As an accomplished Life Coach and Professional Organizer, she knows that everyone will find themselves facing difficult challenges at one time or another.  Under her experienced guidance, a person can discover how to go about making the necessary adjustments in his or her life to get back on a positive track.    

Life recovery is about thriving again in life and reaching the goals chosen at the start of the coaching process.  She does exactly what you would expect out of a coach: gives you an organized approach to meet your aims by preparing a plan with you, showing you how to make that plan a reality, and encouraging you every step of the way.  With this type of coaching, she concentrates on teachable life skills that will be forever valuable. 

Life’s difficulties build emotional blocks up in all of us.  Sometimes they are temporary obstacles and at other times they become full-fledged walls.  The Life Coach helps overcome these barriers that prevent one from achieving their life goals.  Patricia leads and guides those who want her help over, around, and through those blocks.  That is the key to progressing to a better place in life!

Please explore the different sections of Keep It Simple Now. Many of your questions will be answered.  Remember, when things are difficult is easy to think we are alone in whatever we are facing.  It doesn’t have to be that way at all.